Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update: I'm so exited i just can't hide it

Thanks you Happy Reading
Soon its going to be my 50th post! Im so excited i just can't hide it. Hahah. Thank You so much. For my 50th post i want you guys to email me what i should do. This post is my 42 i guess :) So i have to make 7 more. I am so happy about this even though its my 50th not my 500th. HAHAH i'm going to be adding a new tab called Specials :) It going to tell you at how many post i need to have a special Post. Hahha im so exited. i PROBABLY said that like 20x. Thank you so much for all the support. I put alot of effort into this and i hope you guys take Time to read things. For your Benfit. Im going to be trying to keep updating my blog. So if my blog is every updated i will post it on twitter so please go follow me now

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