Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fashion Frenzy #2

Hey everyone !

So i was just emailed by an  anonymous person a question that not just her but all lot of people have been asking and today since i need to update my blog because i haven't since Wednesday so i would like to get it done today. So here's the question and please... if you have any question comment below :)
She had asked me that she really needed to help on all things closets 
I really need to build up my wardrobe, so what is the first key accessory I should buy? Thanks!

If you need help on building your wardrobe, it depends on what accessory you should buy
honestly like every girl you would probably have a lot of jeans and shirt .  
I am going to give my opinion by what fashion is in currently. Don't keep spending your 
money on just shirts and jeans. This winter i would recommend having at least 
2 pairs of jeggings and a pair of boots 

If you do have a lot plain shirts try to add some bright neon necklaces, bracelets
or even the cutest hairbands! 

A day thats not too cold but you can't just live without a sweater, try a cardigan 
you can all different kinds of cardigans ones that have ruffles, stripes,
honestly anything you can think of 

There one word i can say about this BLazer !!!

when you got your cute skinny jeans 
on i love to add accessories like belts. There are some really
fun ways to to wear belts even if your wearing a dress
you can tie it at your waist 
and there's just not just one way to tie your belt there's a bunch!
this belt below helps you add detail when your 
wearing such a plain skirt of jeans 

But.. my favorite is ...
they add detail and keep 
you cozy and warm where ever your are. 
Just remember just like belts there are many ways to wear scarves 
and there are some many different types  i love them 

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