Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nike Time+ Weight Watchers

Nike Time

Nike long sleeve top
$50 -

Nike activewear
$50 -

Nike shoes
$140 -

Hey everyone. Its time to get fit! So i have just came up with a cute outfit.  Honestly all you need is a shorts shirt. yoga pant, some running shoes, and a music device! If you really want a goal to loose a bunch of pounds- then learn some yoga and find things that are healthy for you. I know some people take Apple Vinegar before eating, or they take green tea pills, or they go to the gym. Visit this site to help you keep in tract with your wight and BMI -> i keep tract all of this on Wii fit but its up to :) PS- weight watchers also have amazing healthy recipes PS- there is also a weight watcher app :) LOVE it

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