Thursday, October 13, 2011

OPI Fall Nail polish Fav

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OPI is releasing a collection of six previously released colors in a “suede” finish this fall. It sounds kinda weird, but it’s really cool and unique looking. They are a cross between mattes and satins and I really like them all. The only thing I would have changed about them is the names. It gets confusing when you have Lincoln Park After Dark, Lincoln Park After Dark Matte and Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, if you know what I mean…
The formula on these is really great. They could really all be one coaters because they are really opaque, but I did two coats here. They dry really quick and are smooth to the touch.
You Don’t Know Jacques! Suede
You Don’t Know Jacques! is a shimmery golden taupe color. This color was also featured in their matte collection.
OPI Well Always Have Paris Suede OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009
We’ll Always Have Paris Suede
We’ll Always Have Paris is a rose colored shimmer with a lot of silver in it.
OPI Suzi Skies In The Pyrenees Suede OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009
Suzi Skies In The Pyrenees Suede
Suzi Skies In The Pyrenees is very different looking from the original one. This is a dark charcoal shimmer with silver. Gorgeous, I think this might be my favorite one.
OPI Russian Navy Suede OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009
Ink Suede
Ink is what I classify as a blurple colored shimmer. The original Ink is one of my favorite polishes ever!
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009
Lincoln Park After Dark Suede
Lincoln Park After Dark is a lot lighter than the original and the matte versions. This is a greyed out purple shimmer.
OPI Ink Suede OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009
Russian Navy Suede
Russian Navy is a shimmery navy blue, again much different from the original and matte formulas. I really like this one also.
Overall I like every single one of these colors and will definitely wear them. This blows away their matte collection by a landslide! Those were so chalky and flat looking but these are shimmery and smooth and very cool. These should be available this month at your local OPI retailer.
So what do you think of these compared to the originals and mattes? Will you be picking any of them up?

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