Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Hey everyone, 
i was doing a little research. I found this website called
It grade all the kinds of food you eat with certain food brands. It also show to healthier alternatives
Heres a sample of what this allows you to do
You can also take this with you on an ipod iphone or android Learn more about that
Check out their totally healthy blog
Heres what apple has to say about it
Heres what android has to say about it
Here are its features

✓ Created by dietitians and concerned parents
✓ Uses Android's camera to effortlessly scan UPC barcodes
✓ Over 200,000 unique products and growing daily
✓ Simplified information helps you make better choices
"...Fooducate is like having a dietitian on speed dial..."
Fooducate analyzes information found in each product's nutrition panel and ingredient list. You get to see the stuff manufacturers don't want you to notice, such as
- excessive sugar
- tricky trans fats
- additives and preservatives
- high fructose corn syrup
- controversial food colorings
- confusing serving sizes
- calories per actual serving size
- and more...

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