Monday, October 17, 2011

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Hey everyone a couple of days ago i teamed up with Kayla Lyford 
a friend i met through blogging. So she will have hers up on her blog!(Shout Out)
Question Time!
blush or bronzer
Blush, bronzer doesn't work with me 
lip gloss or lipstick
I hate when my lips feel all dry and i like my lips glossy so lip gloss :) 
eye liner or mascara
eyeliner because it accentuates your eyes better
foundation or concealer
Foundation gives more coverage but concealer helps hide blemishes. Foundation
neutral or color eye shadow
Neutral- all the way because i like shadows that brings my eyes out
pressed or loose eye shadows
i guess its a no biggie but pressed 
brushes or sponges

OPI or china glaze
OPI but china glaze isn't bad 
Long or short
Short. long fills up but bacteria so cut your nails
Acrylic or natural
Natural. Acylics ruin your nails
Brights or darks 
Bright in the humid days and dark in the cold days( i wouln't wear hot pink on a cold day)
Flower or no flower 
Both, but sometimes the flower ruin the whole look 

perfume or body splash
lotion or body butter 
Lotion,i love the sweet pea scent 
body wash or soap
Body wash, is a more must
lush or other bath company 
Lush, but check out bath and body works

jeans or sweat pants
sweats- im always lazy 
long sleeve of short
Short sleeves. 
dresses or skirts
stripes or plaid 
Plaid has always been a fab
flip flops or sandals 
i love the roman or greek sandals with ta real cool design in the front and a sipper in the back 
scarves or hats
Scarves, keep me toasty 
studs or dangly earrings 
studs i love them 
necklaces or bracelets 
bracelets all the way, sometime the necklace gets covered up in my shirt 
heels or flats 
Flats but they get tight
cowboy boots or riding boots
Riding boots, just bought some
jacket or hoodie 
Hoodie! i probably have a million 
forever 21 or charlotte russe 
Forever 21 has cutes things for cheap price 
abercombie or Hollister
aAbrecrombie - its smells like perfume land 
saks 5th or nordstrom
i love nordstrom !!!!!! OMG 

Curly or straight
curly- like dressy curls hahah
bun or ponytail
a messy bun is that way to go 
bobby pins or butterfly clips
bobby pins - they keep alot of hair up
hairspray or gel
hairspray is much better
light or dark 
dark - that my hair is 
short or long
long - you can do fun things with your hair 
side sweep bags or full bangs
side sweep - bangs don;t look good on me 
up or down 
up i hate when its in my hair 

rain or shine
shine- rain gives me head aches 
summer or winter
fall or spring
chocolate or vanilla
vanilla actually both 
east coast or west coast 
i don't really matter but um i guess east coast 

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