Friday, June 21, 2013


Sexy Unique Sailor Bikini Anchor Nautical Bandeau Top Swimwear Swimsuit S M LHey guys i havent talked to you guys in the longest time ever! How are you all! Anyways its summer and most of us are out of school and are already to hit the beach. I wanted to quickly tell you about this amazing site on etsy : . They have the cutest bikinis ever!!!!!!!Here is on of my favorite one... from the shop and look very  edgy and SEXY IT IS . Is it possible to fall in love with a bikini? Anyways i hope you guys check out their website and QUICKLY DONT LEAVE WITHOUT COMMENT IF YOU LIKE THE BIKINI OR NOT!                                                                    

Isnt this cute too! OMG GO LOOK AT THE WEBSITE AND I PROMISE YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE. These remind me of the ones at victoria secret but for a cheeper price and much better quality :)
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