Monday, August 29, 2011

Twitter Or Facebook

Thanks you Happy Reading

Hey everyone i wanted to know what you guys likes better Facebook or Twitter. What would be best for me to get if you guys wanna ask me questions and stuff. You can pick from Twitter Facebook or.. Formspring ]
For most of you that dont know what formspring is ... its when you ask people questions and you can follow them .... You can ask anonymously if you want too.. So please reply and tell me what you guys thing :) Peace Love <3 

I'm Married To Fashion

This is a really pretty white with silver look

White Cocktail Dress, homecoming dresses, Graduation Dresses from Sung Boutique Los Angeles, Category Cocktail Dresses
Miu Miu Glitter T-Strap Peep-Toe Sandal, Silver
Platinum and Diamond Star Studs
Michael Kors Multi Chain Necklace Silver One Size

Back to School is Hollister

Back to School is Hollister

Hollister Co flower dress
$80 -

Hollister Co sheer lace dress
$70 -

Hollister Co vintage hoodie
$30 -

Hollister Co top
$20 -

Hollister Co vintage tee
$10 -

Hollister Co vintage tank top
$9.90 -

Hollister co
$50 -

Hollister Co. embroidered jeans
$25 -

Hollister Co. vintage shorts
$24 -

Hollister Co cotton skirt
$40 -

Hollister Co. cotton shorts
$20 -

Hollister co
$35 -

Hollister Co. cotton shorts
$30 -

Hollister Co. cotton shorts
$15 -

Hollister Co. flip flop shoes
$11 -

Hollister Co. flip flop shoes
$11 -

Hollister Co embroidery handbag
$50 -

Hollister Co striped scarve
$60 -

time for school

Go back to school with Fashion

Go back to school with fahionHey Everyone September is when everyone is going back to school, so be ready for some school FASHION .. We all need appropriate but pretty clothes 

A day in Paris!!!!!

This just a day in paris... With an inspired dress... I really wanted to do this because of those poodle dresses .. GO down and check out the awesome poodle necklace i found. On the picture its next to the dress below the cute purse

A day In Casual City

I love this set and how i put it together...i feel like this is an italy theme

Viva La Juicy PINK!!!!!

I love this bow inspired Dress

Think Pink

think pink from victoria secret