Friday, January 27, 2012

Making Too Many Blogs

Here is my new blog, I am still keeping this one but this is the new one so go ahead and follow and ill follow you right back:)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Make your own lip gloss/ lip balm

Heres a tutorial on making your own lip gloss

Step 1 -

I usually take this kind of Chap Stick because it is a white colored one.

Step 2 -

cut the chap stick and put it into a container

Step 3-

now stick it into the micro wave until the chap stick is liquid

Step 4-

now add a little bit of your fav lip gloss color to it then mix it with a tooth pick. Then put it into the fridge for an hour
and then your done-

Check out how mine turned out -

Monday, January 23, 2012

Haul.. Finally Nail Polish

hey everyone so i wanted to do a haul like ever since the beginning of November. I had already taken the pics but i guess a little too lazy to put them up. I'm still not going to put that haul up. This is really recent about like 1-2 weeks ago.

So here's the first thing i got. I got this because i love the name I THINK IN PINK. I think that the color is just perfect pink add. I painted my nail this color the week of my birthday and i got a lot of complements.

Here the next thing. I got this because i also liked the name : PURPLE WITH A PURPOSE. I just want to get ready for the spring time colors. I haven't seen this on my nail but its going to be gorgeous. i just know

Again a nail polish. I also love the name of it : CALIFORNIA RASPBERRY. This is like the spring summer and fall color. I tried this on my nail a couple of days ago and it looked wonderful. Its really worth paying for.

Now heres something i wanted really bad. This is the OPI muppets collection and i have all the nail polishes. I im love with all of them . They are adorable and i'm glad my friend had bought me this.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So excited !

So i guess the picture is self-explanatory... but its my birthday. Its only like 4 in the afternoon but i have an awesome day i dont want it to end :( Anyway i went to school and in all my periods everyone sang and i got a bunch of gifts for my birthday. I told my parents that i want them to surprise and guess on what i want for my birthday so i have to wait after my basketball practice to see what they got me!  I was born at 9:03. Somewhere near that. I just have the hyper feeling and i am so HAPPY. 
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About my Blog- 
 If you guys follow me you know that i haven't been updating the blog. Im so sorry for that ! Anyway i have been so busy and i forget about doing the blog. I am trying to at least have a blog on Friday. I probably wont have a blog post up on Saturday and Sunday. But for a clean start i will start again on Monday. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get the Jessica Alba Look- Top Knot Bun


Step one
Turn your head upside down and flip all your hair over your face and toward the floor. Start by sweeping your hair onto the top of your head and fasten into a ponytail. The ponytail can either sit on the centre of your head or for a fun, flirtier take on the trend, position it just off centre.
Top tip: Don't bother making it neat because the added texture makes it easier to work with.
Step two
Sweep hair with your fingers and visually place it into your preferred tight top knot look by coiling the hair around.
Step three
Once the hair is where you want it, take a few pins and place loosely underneath the hair to fasten into place. For a tight and secure hold, tie off with a long non-slip Sc√ľnci hair band, so fine hairs stay in place and there are no fallout loose ends.
Step four
Complete the look by spraying a light-hold hairspray over the knot. This will keep flyaways in place and create a chic polished finished 'do.
For those who have super-thick locks that just can't twist into the pinnacle knot, try a more playful take on the trend. Walk around with your head in the clouds with a thicker textured bun.
Get this look by tying hair into a high ponytail and then pin your lengths around a doughnut ring (available from chemists). Finish off with a mist of hairspray and voila! You're off with a knotty cloud-nine hairstyle that will have everyone asking how you twisted it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casual Winter

Casual Winter
So Here's the Casual Winter Outfit! So let me explain...

One more thing...
As you all know I love doing shoutouts! 
And also as you also know i have been doing shout- outs before...She is an amazing blogger and she deserves alot of followers her blogs is a must follow and ready daily blog 
that kinda gets you addicted 
Her name is Gabby and here is her blog

 First we have the UGG boots! You usually dont have to get Ugg boots but i mean every winter they are like the new old fashion( Oxymoron- that probably made no sense) I meant ever year its a huge hit and it never stops! You can find some snow boots that look the same and that will work 
Second here we Have the OP1 Nail Varnish - Rainbow Connections. I feel like this can go with any season. Its just so glam and fun and just to spice up that boring look! This is all different glitters combined and i probably have 4 bottles of this!

Here is the NARS Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm! This is perfect for those white lips in winter. Just add a little pink but not too much ! I feel like its perfect in winter and i dont forget to put this in my Winter Routines because it just adds some PA -ZASAZ to your look. 

Here's the MAC mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15. Ok first of all it has SPF which i know its good for the summer but its actually pretty  good to wear SPF in the winter. Well i think it is :( Any way who doesn't want perfect skin in the winter. It just kinda makes your skin look flawless!

Pattern Sweaters just adds to the fashion of winter. I loovveee pattern sweaters ! I always recommend to buy a pattern sweater because its cute! So cuteeee)
Any ways you can get yours at Forever21 and even Hollister. 

There is nothing to say about Jeggings except for they are super duper stretchable! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Music Is My Life: Mistletoe

Hey JB fans! I know everyone was excited when his album came out at November. This is one of my favorite album for the holidays! I had his album playing the whole winter break. I love his songs and my favorite song is mistletoe. If you haven't heard his songs yet i think you should go get his CD and just listen to him. You will be wonder-strucked!
The songs in this album are:

My Favorite Song throughout the Winter ?
I love this song! How doesn't. The music does really move you. Hit the lights let the music move you. hahah. I think that Selena Gomez and really pretty and her little cute love song are an quick addiction. Next thing you know you own all her albums. 
If you haven't downloaded any of her song im sure u wont regret it!