Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 6 Halloween Costumes

Nicki MinajHalloween is almost here, and it's time to start thinking costumes. Since almost every day is Halloween in Hollywood, why not go as one of your favorite stars?

If you saved all of your childhood toys, all you need to dress up as Nicki Minaj is a hot glue gun. Go for scattered, more modern toys, though; otherwise, you might end up looking like Lady Gaga in her famous Muppet outfit.

Pregnant Beyonce
Her majesty Queen B revealed her pregnancy to the world at this year's VMAs. Since then, there have been rumors about fake baby bumps, surrogates and all sorts of skepticism regarding Beyonce's with-or-without-child status. All you need for this look is a fake baby bump and a huge orange piece of fabric, which can easily be tied around your body to copy the singer's VMA dress. Option: Make the baby bump look super fake and be "Faux Pregnancy Beyonce."

Justin Bieber
Sure, Justin Bieber is a dude, but with the style adjustments he's made in the past year (read:stylish specs, ear piercings, YSL pins), it's fair game for anyone to dress up like the Biebs this Halloween. Carrying around a snake named Johnson is fully your call. 
Carmen Electra
Let's all mourn the first television show of the fall season to get axed: The Playboy Club. Carmen Electra will clearly never get over this loss.
Katy Perry
Baby, you're a firework--so why not dress like one? Show off your patriotic pride and your gams in Katy Perry's sparkly rocking romper. Or, copy Perry's pop Asian look from the VMAs.
Kate Middleton
C'mon, you know you dreamed of being a princess when you were little. Even if you didn't, who doesn't want to put on that gorgeous evening gown they've got in their closet and have probably worn only once? All you need to dress up as the Duchess of Cambridge is a gorgeous gown, imitation sapphire and diamond ring (we found this one at Aldo) and, if you're feeling it, a wacky hat. Gorgeous princearm candy optional.

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