Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twitter + Update on fashion Frenzy

Thanks you Happy Reading
Hey everyone i have just gotten a twitter account. If anyone of you have a twitter account please follow me @Beautyfashionby. Yes i did not include the me after by because i wanted it to be different form my blog. If you guys dont have a twitter you can email me at to request a little toolbox at the side of this blog to show my latest twitter update. You can also check out my twitter page at!/Beautyfashionby. Oh yes please contact me and tell me if you like my background on twitter. If you dont have a twitter and you are interested in a twitter go to and sign up right now. I would like to remind you that im NOT the only one who has a twitter you can get the latest update on anything like lady gaga or coach or even a friend! Thank you soo much for supporting me and i would just like  to say a big thank you to everyone! Ps- We all know my new segment i am going to be having called fashion frenzy, if you have a question and you want an answer email me on my email or direct message me on twitter or LEAVE a comment below. How easy is that :) Im really excited for this new segment and i hope you guys are too. I would like to make a special thank you to Ashley S for giving me this idea. 

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