Thursday, November 10, 2011

What My Story

What My Story

Hey Everyone!  
So a couple days ago i had gotten tagged to do Whats My Story. Whats my story is about what got you to be what you love know. As you all know i love beauty and fashion and dont forget Makeup!
When i was young i used to go to dance class and i still do. When a recital came up, i did my own makeup. Slowly i used to start practicing at home. Know i own a bunch of makeup and i am good at it. When i started to get in fashion is started caring about beauty. I would naturals homemade products to do facial spa's to my friends and family and it was so much fun! Then one day i walked by this store called Forever 21 and i couldn't explain what style they had there. It was unbelievable! When i was on you tube i would watch Blair and Elle Fowlers Videos and then i ended up watching ALL there videos and they both have a bubbley personalty ~ And thats my story 
Whats your ?
I tag who ever just read this to make do this Tag.. on your you tube account, blog or anything:)
i want to read it too so send me the link 
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