Saturday, November 26, 2011

Haven't Been Uploading :)

Hey everyone, for a person who check my blog most of the time, i really haven't been uploading. Its just that this week was very busy for me which i apologize. On Monday i did upload a blog post. On Tuesday i went to NY <3. I came back at night so on Wednesday i uploaded another post. I also promised a bunch of pics from NY and i also need to do a haul. I already took the pic for the haul and i need ti upload that as well as the pics from NY on my laptop :) So i will have a blog post soon... 


  1. Very nice blog..Can you do some hairstyle tutorial for straight limpy hair...thats me yeah...only thing I do is keep my hair down..:-(

  2. sure.. currently for 12 days i am doing a 12 days of christmas series thing... check out my whats coming up tab.. i will soon do ur tutorial.. i might do it in the 12 day series


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