Friday, November 11, 2011

American Flag Nail Polish

Hers How it looks:
Okay Lets Get Started:)
Step 1) 
With salon professional polish in 'red' paint your nails - 2 coats.

I love this color <333

Step 2) 
With the salon professional polish in 'electric blue' paint 1/3 of each nail, corner of the thumb and fully blue on the ring finger to mix things up. Keep a corrector pen or cotton buds with nailpolish remover to hand to clean up any smudges!

Step 3 )
With salon professional polish in 'snow white', a steady hand
 and a cocktail stick add some tiny polkadots to emulate stars.
Next, using 'snow white' again and a cocktail stick - add in your white lines
And there you :)

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