Sunday, November 20, 2011

Make you own Jewelry Hanger

Haha.. This is late. So i was getting ready for picture day
and this is the only day i actually wear really nice jewelry 
and it was all tangled up. I was soo upset!  So i was tired of it 
so i was determined to make a jewelry hanger

Step 1 - Ok so fist get those cotton hangers  like these below 
Step2-  Hot clue gun it to the wall or thumb tack it and 
hook it on from there 

Step3- now all over stick in thumb tack and then hook jewelry on it 
Its that easy 
Optional - 
For earings you can just stick it in but it can bent the hook 
of the earing so 
honestly thumb tacks are your best 
friends on this 
another thing you can do is get the cotton thumb tack 
but fist stick the necklace on the thumb tack and then 
stick it on the hanger so when you want to wear it you must tack out the thumb tack but still they are soo cute 
bye bye lovlies :)

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  1. Such an amazing idea!!!!


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