Thursday, November 10, 2011

My First Blog Award

I had gotten emailed by a couple people giving me awards for an Adorable Blog. Than Yous so much. I am so excited and i just wanted to thank you guys for all your support .
When they sent me the award on the email they also told me to give this award to someone 
like a little Forward Award!
I am still thinking about who i should give it
If you want this award email me and tell me why you should get the award

Thank  you everyone for awarding me with this....

Award Questions:

1. Favorite Color: Pink
2. Favorite SongStereo Hearts~Gym Class Heroes
3. Favorite Dessert: Magic Bars
4. What makes you mad?: When I'm wearing the same shirt as someone else
and they think it looks better on them
5. When your upset: You dont wanna be around
6. Favorite Animal: Tiger
7. Black or White?: White.
8. Biggest fear: Drowning
9. Best feature: My smile
10. Everyday attitude: Cheerful
11. What is perfection?: Waking up and smelling pancakes
12. Guilty Pleasure: Full House, Lemonade, Gum
I wanna give this award to Kayla F 

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