Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fashion Frenzy


Fashion Frenzy :)
So i revived a question and here it is:
In my middle school, almost every girl has UGGS. One girl has 9 pairs! I only have one and they're basically wrecked. I don't have enough money this year for them, and I'm not going to ask my parents. What are some shoes/boots that will be stylish, but appropriate for middle school? I don't want to have to wear UGGS just to fit in with everyone else - Ashley S

~ I used to have these, not anymore but they are only $12 Take a Look - From Walmart
~ I also used to have these too - I still have them but i dont use them $17.49 
~ I currently use these $40 but you can get a second pair for $20 a little pricey :(
**** And you really want UGG - buy it from ebay for $54

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