Monday, November 21, 2011

12 ways to wear a scarf :)

all crafts 12 Trendy Ways to Tie A Scarf {how to wear}

This is supposes to be self explanatory, 
when you guys look at it you should be able to create the design 
here's just some background on how to do it 
Caution:  I may not teach you the exact way :)

1. Take a flary scarf and half it into a triangle and tie it at the back 
2.  Just first let it drape on your shoulder and then tie a bow at the side
3.  Wrap it 2 times lets the side have equal lengths
4. Its just a simple tie in the corner
5.  Do the same thing as #3 but since its a different type it will look different
6.  Same as #4 but tie it in the middle and pull one side
7.  Wrap multiple times and then tie it let one strand lay and tuck one in
8. Same thing as #1 but crinkle it for more volume and let it on the side 
9.  Same as #1 again but this time let the strands tuck in the triangle part instead of  knotting them at the end
10.  Wrap it making one side longer than the other
11. Same as #3 but take one strand and go over the loops on your neck
12.  This is the same thing as #6 but make on length longer than the other

I;m not going to be here tomorrow, i'm going to New York in the morning and i might not be able to upload anything! I might do it the morning but no promises. I promise that I will have pictures from New York and the statue of liberty !  
tell me what you think :)  

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