Thursday, January 19, 2012

So excited !

So i guess the picture is self-explanatory... but its my birthday. Its only like 4 in the afternoon but i have an awesome day i dont want it to end :( Anyway i went to school and in all my periods everyone sang and i got a bunch of gifts for my birthday. I told my parents that i want them to surprise and guess on what i want for my birthday so i have to wait after my basketball practice to see what they got me!  I was born at 9:03. Somewhere near that. I just have the hyper feeling and i am so HAPPY. 
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About my Blog- 
 If you guys follow me you know that i haven't been updating the blog. Im so sorry for that ! Anyway i have been so busy and i forget about doing the blog. I am trying to at least have a blog on Friday. I probably wont have a blog post up on Saturday and Sunday. But for a clean start i will start again on Monday. 


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