Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casual Winter

Casual Winter
So Here's the Casual Winter Outfit! So let me explain...

One more thing...
As you all know I love doing shoutouts! 
And also as you also know i have been doing shout- outs before...She is an amazing blogger and she deserves alot of followers her blogs is a must follow and ready daily blog 
that kinda gets you addicted 
Her name is Gabby and here is her blog

 First we have the UGG boots! You usually dont have to get Ugg boots but i mean every winter they are like the new old fashion( Oxymoron- that probably made no sense) I meant ever year its a huge hit and it never stops! You can find some snow boots that look the same and that will work 
Second here we Have the OP1 Nail Varnish - Rainbow Connections. I feel like this can go with any season. Its just so glam and fun and just to spice up that boring look! This is all different glitters combined and i probably have 4 bottles of this!

Here is the NARS Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm! This is perfect for those white lips in winter. Just add a little pink but not too much ! I feel like its perfect in winter and i dont forget to put this in my Winter Routines because it just adds some PA -ZASAZ to your look. 

Here's the MAC mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15. Ok first of all it has SPF which i know its good for the summer but its actually pretty  good to wear SPF in the winter. Well i think it is :( Any way who doesn't want perfect skin in the winter. It just kinda makes your skin look flawless!

Pattern Sweaters just adds to the fashion of winter. I loovveee pattern sweaters ! I always recommend to buy a pattern sweater because its cute! So cuteeee)
Any ways you can get yours at Forever21 and even Hollister. 

There is nothing to say about Jeggings except for they are super duper stretchable! 


  1. Amazing post! Thanks for the shout-out!

    Gabby xx

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    1. Have you followed yet? If not follow me and don't
      Miss out in any beauty fashion makeup

  3. Love the Nars lip gloss! Super blog-you are very chic! I'm now a follower!


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