Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years! + My Resolutions

Is anyone as excited as me?
Happy new years. I still thinks its crazy because i think its just me but 2011 went by soo fast! and welcome the infamous 2012 did everyone have an awesome new years eve.  My family friends all has a party. I had such a great time and when it 12:00 we all screamed. The ball dropped in NY. Wasn't lady gaga there? I'm just really excited for 2012. I want 2012 to be better 2011 and thats why everyone make new years resolution's. So here are mine. 

1.) I think this is the most important is to lose some weight and go some exercise. I am healthy weight for my age but you body becomes weak if you dont start doing exercise. Its not mainly about losing weight but i want to gain some muscle. I have muscle because i am a sporty girl and i love playing basketball and skateboarding. I even like to play football in my front yard.

2.) I want to get good grades. I mean i dont need to work on this resolution but i need keep continuing it .

3.) Blog some more! For all of you guys. I want to start blogging even more like everyday. Or every other day alternating my two blogs. I also wanna update my fitness/ health blog. -->

4.) the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do - Steve Jobs. I want to do 10 hrs or even more hours of community service. I mean 10 hours in a years i a pretty easy goal i can set. I just wanna feel proud of myself and most people dont do a minute of community service a year. I think it just important to give back to people and the earth. 

5.) Take 5 mins. a day to clean my room. I dont understand how people can live in a dirty room. I probably have OCD - jk i have to have everything perfect and if it's not then ill fix- i should do a blog of how to clean your room. Another important thing is not to eat in your room thats why we have a kitchen. Because insect can be attracted to your room by the food and the next thing u know u dont wanna sleep in your room anymore.!!!!

Thats all i hope i inspired you all to make some resolutions and have a great day. If u have made some new years resolution email me at 


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