Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get the Jessica Alba Look- Top Knot Bun


Step one
Turn your head upside down and flip all your hair over your face and toward the floor. Start by sweeping your hair onto the top of your head and fasten into a ponytail. The ponytail can either sit on the centre of your head or for a fun, flirtier take on the trend, position it just off centre.
Top tip: Don't bother making it neat because the added texture makes it easier to work with.
Step two
Sweep hair with your fingers and visually place it into your preferred tight top knot look by coiling the hair around.
Step three
Once the hair is where you want it, take a few pins and place loosely underneath the hair to fasten into place. For a tight and secure hold, tie off with a long non-slip Sc√ľnci hair band, so fine hairs stay in place and there are no fallout loose ends.
Step four
Complete the look by spraying a light-hold hairspray over the knot. This will keep flyaways in place and create a chic polished finished 'do.
For those who have super-thick locks that just can't twist into the pinnacle knot, try a more playful take on the trend. Walk around with your head in the clouds with a thicker textured bun.
Get this look by tying hair into a high ponytail and then pin your lengths around a doughnut ring (available from chemists). Finish off with a mist of hairspray and voila! You're off with a knotty cloud-nine hairstyle that will have everyone asking how you twisted it.

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