Monday, January 23, 2012

Haul.. Finally Nail Polish

hey everyone so i wanted to do a haul like ever since the beginning of November. I had already taken the pics but i guess a little too lazy to put them up. I'm still not going to put that haul up. This is really recent about like 1-2 weeks ago.

So here's the first thing i got. I got this because i love the name I THINK IN PINK. I think that the color is just perfect pink add. I painted my nail this color the week of my birthday and i got a lot of complements.

Here the next thing. I got this because i also liked the name : PURPLE WITH A PURPOSE. I just want to get ready for the spring time colors. I haven't seen this on my nail but its going to be gorgeous. i just know

Again a nail polish. I also love the name of it : CALIFORNIA RASPBERRY. This is like the spring summer and fall color. I tried this on my nail a couple of days ago and it looked wonderful. Its really worth paying for.

Now heres something i wanted really bad. This is the OPI muppets collection and i have all the nail polishes. I im love with all of them . They are adorable and i'm glad my friend had bought me this.

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