Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Music Is My Life: Mistletoe

Hey JB fans! I know everyone was excited when his album came out at November. This is one of my favorite album for the holidays! I had his album playing the whole winter break. I love his songs and my favorite song is mistletoe. If you haven't heard his songs yet i think you should go get his CD and just listen to him. You will be wonder-strucked!
The songs in this album are:

My Favorite Song throughout the Winter ?
I love this song! How doesn't. The music does really move you. Hit the lights let the music move you. hahah. I think that Selena Gomez and really pretty and her little cute love song are an quick addiction. Next thing you know you own all her albums. 
If you haven't downloaded any of her song im sure u wont regret it!

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