Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Second Day of Christmas: Christmas look

Second Day of Christmas: Christmas look
Hey everyone so i have been behind of mt Christmas Series, so i apologize. Here i have a winter outfit. These are moccasins and UGG boots that i know have been i really high fashion when it comes to the winter.   I also paired these shoe with some skinny jeans because tell me who doesn't love jeans in the winter. I also enjoy wearing long sleeve shirts that are still fashionable and it can get cold and you dont wanna be wearing a spaghetti strap. This is so easy and perfect so i hope you guys go off and buy these few needs and you will look perfect. :))
<3333333333333 Beautyfashionbyme
Wet Seal long sleeve t shirt
$14 -

UGG Australia shearling boots
€239 -

Moccasin shoes
$22 -

Alexander mcqueen scarve
£165 -

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