Monday, December 19, 2011

10th day Of christmas

Most WORN  winter edition 
Here's the first thing I love these bit i usually dont wear them when it snows
I love snow boots and what girl doesn't wear them in the winterCozy cardigans... These are awesome even when you wanna just wake up and make some coffee
 Does anyone not buy snow earrings <3
Your gonna need them when u need to shovel the snow
i Probably have millions of these <33333 i love scarves

Neon socks are probably for the summer but i still wear them
Gold eye shadow is perfect for Christmas if red and green dont look good on your eyes

i buy this for all my friends and i usally wear this every day <3
Christmas Necklace <333333 I love it soo much

So here are top 10 worn things in winter i hope you enjoy<3 and come back for the eleventh day of Christmas 

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