Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5th day of Christmas

How to wrap a present Perfectly
Presentation is everything.
There’s nothing nicer than beautifully wrapped gifts, whether they are under the Christmas tree or waiting for some other special occasion, a perfectly wrapped present can make all the difference.
The receiver of the gift is already admiring your handy work, so how can they not enjoy your present when it looks so good?
On your marks
You’ll need the right materials in order to do some serious wrapping, so get them all together before you start.  You’ll need good quality paper and it needs to be large enough to cover the present you’re wrapping, as well as having some spare.  You’ll also need sharp scissors, tape and some ribbon or bows for decoration.
Get ready
Place your gift in the centre of the wrapping paper, face down.  Bring your paper over your gift and see how much paper you have spare once the item is covered.  Hold your finger on the spot, and then carefully cut the paper in a straight line.

Take off a small amount of tape and have it ready.  Bring the paper up over the gift and use the prepared tape to secure it.  Holding the gift firmly in place, bring up the sides and fold inwards against the edges of the gift.  Secure each side with tape, ensuring that your gift stays centred in the paper.
Lastly, measure the ribbon around the gift.  Wrap it around the present length-wise and width-wise.  Secure in a bow or with a gift tag.
Once you’ve secured the ribbon, cut off any excess and there you have it, perfect  present wrapping!


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