Sunday, February 26, 2012

This or That Tag

So I was checking my daily blog feed and found that some of your guys were doing this, so i decided to do this as well.
Here are the questions! Lets get straight to it<3
Coke or Pepsi? I am probably the odd one out but i like coke better then Pepsi. 

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? Ice-cream! Who doesn't love ice-cream. My favorite flavor is coffee Oreo

Clothes or Makeup? Clothes! Of course. I actually really love putting clothes together. If you guys can access the apple store i actually have a app called What to wear. Here you take pictures and you put them together to make cute outfits. 

Hairspray or Frizz Lotion? Frizz lotion. Well actually frizz serum to be exact. I dont i have used Frizz Lotion   but anything that can control my frizz is the way to go!

T.V or Book? TV. I really love to ready( Current Favorite  is the hunger Games ) but i watch more tv than i read. Which is bad :(

Pool or Beach? Both? Pool. I go to the pool more than the beach. But it doesn't mean i dont like the beach. The beach is a great place to scenic. 

Water or Soda? Neither. I am a juice person. I usually drink orange juice or some other juice. I need some flavor in my drink and soda feels like it burns my stomach. I still drink soda though<3

Sandals or Boots? Sandals, especially some Grecian sandal. They are so cute! 

Purse or Backpack? Probably a purse. My backpack is way to heavy and it gives me the biggest headache because i have to carry it every where! Unless i decide to put it in my locker 

Team Jacob or Team Edward? I seem to watch the movies more than ready the books. I tried to read the first book but that was a fail! Epic-ally:(

Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana? Wizards of Waverly Place, if i had to chose. They are both done so there's  not much to say to them except for RIP. But i loved that show! 
Mall or Online Shopping? Mall, I dont usually shop online.

Tennis or Soccer? Soccer! I used to play that when i was young and i thought i was going to be a pro! I ended up quitting later on. I play tennis sometimes. Probably when i am on vacation and there is a tennis court.

MAC or Maybelline? MAC, but i still have some Maybelline products lying around! 

 So now...

I Tag.....YOU! :) 

 xoxo- have fun and leave a comment if you did this TAG:)


  1. Grecian sandals are the best! and I agree with MAC over Maybelline :)

    1. Agreed! Thanks for commenting. Whats better than Grecian Sandals?

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  2. great choices! I would probably pick the same for most:)! thanks for following my blog, I have followed back!:)xx


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  3. great post honey, you deserve this award!


  4. I think I'm going to do this today! Sounds like a fun tag, and I loved your answers! Thanks hun.

  5. What? I thought everyone like coke over pepsi! At least everyone I know does haha.

    1. in my family Pepsi is the big thang! Hahha thanks for the follow and comment. Scrooll down and enter in my giveaway !

  6. LOL. I second your 'Coke over Pepsi'. I can't drink Pepsi. Too sweet. This is a fun tag. I think I'll do it.

    1. hahha! So agreed... tell me if you do try it

  7. Hey babe, thanks for following me!! Im following back and i'm gonna do this tag myself now :) x x x


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