Monday, February 20, 2012

Morning Routine

What's your morning routine?
Honestly at times i can get lazy... but anyways here's my morning routine. Sorry this is late but i felt in such a dreary mood today because last night my ipod  screen cracked! The funny thing was that on that day i went to go get a case for my ipod but i couldn't find one because i have the 3rd gen. So upset. Then today i took some Zumba classes and it is so much fun! Back to the routine :)

  1. So i wake up and i go to wash my face with clean and clear morning burst. 
  2. After that i use St.Ives blemish and black head control to clean up any blemishes or blackhead for they start and if a pesky blemish is being really annoying.
  3. After that i just sit down and relax with cucumbers in my eyes. That last for the duration of about 2 minutes.
  4. After that its shower time! I take a shower for about 10-15 minutes. Be here tomorrow for my What's in my shower?
  5. I use this frizz control serum by garnier fructis. My hair seems not to be frizzy but i still use it because after i take a shower my hair can get a bit annoying. 
  6. Then i put up my hair so i can work with makeup. 
  7. I apply a moisturizing cream called Cetaphil. This product is absolutely amazing for a starter.
  8. I dont really apply foundation on a daily basic but i might. I do apply concealer at the bottom of my eyes.
  9. Then i use a very neutral color for my eyes. I use the basic one color. Its usually a tan color. 
  10. Then i apply bottom eyeliner with kohl and i do a were thin thin of liquid eyeliner at the top of my eyes. 
  11. I place a business card at my lid and i apply mascara making sure it doesn't go onto my face. 
  12. Time for the hair! I comb my hair and i usually have different styles i like to do everyday. If a day i cant think what to do with my hair then i apply heat to it like curling and straightening. But my hair is already gorgeous without heat so i dont apply to my hair as much 
  13. I guess now i eat breakfast and im off to school 


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