Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scented Nail Polish

I just heard about scented Nail Polishes. Here is the company Tuff Scent. These are just normal nail polishes beside the fact that they smell like their given name. Check out there website. TUFF SCENT WEBSITE. They have so many different smells and colors. I know that Revlon also create scented nail polishes, but i haven't tried theirs. I know that this has become some of celebrities favorite too like Vanessa Hudgens. I have  tried these but i don't own any. Tell me if you do try this out.  


  1. Am following lovely :) And love the idea of scented nail polish, but I may look weird sniffing my nails all the time haha

    Talitha xx

  2. I just did a post on this on March 2.... hmm...

  3. Ooh these are pretty. I haven't heard of this particular brand but I have noticed that scented polish is becoming a bit of a trend. I saw a sall Revlon range recently and thought that it seemed interesting. I smelt the tester which to be honest still smelt like polish but that might change once applied and dried.

    Thanks for looking at my blog by the way. I have also followed you and will keep checking back at your blog. x

  4. These look much better than the cheap Rimmel one's, their scents were more sweety than fruity x


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