Monday, March 5, 2012

Dead Sea Premier

I just got sponsored by Dead Sea Premier. Their company has really amazing products and not to mention they are really famous. If you haven't already heard about them go to their website - Dead Sea Premier 
So they are letting me give out 6 nail kits! They are also sending me couple nail kits to review. Now if you haven't seen any of their nail kits go ahead and look for reviews and everything. They are being so generous to me i mean each nail kit cost more that $40 each and their other products do cost alot because of high demands. Just be checking my blog daily because i am going to post a giveaway soon. 

Last few days for the discounted Allure Magazine! Enter now in the link below
( ends on March 7 and Winner will be posted on March 9) 


  1. congratulations! will def have to check them out.
    xx jes


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