Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shadora Necklace

Shadora Necklace: So today I am going to review this beautiful necklace. First it reminds me of the heart necklaces from Kay Jewelers. I was sent this product to do a quick review and my honest opinion on my pros and my cons. The thing I love about the necklace is the price is only $4.99 . Be a charmer. I know that this would fit as valentines day but I wanted to introduce to you all before Mother's Day! I am going to be doing a Mothers day post very soon so please be tuned. So exact necklace is the Gold Plated Double Heart Charm Pendant. I have wore this for a long time and surprised  that I haven't broken it yet. This comes in a beautiful packaging and I keep some of my other necklaces in there as well. I would give this an overall grade of 9/10 after wearing it for a week. You can buy this here for your mom : Gold Plated Double Hear Charm Pendant.

FTC: This product was sent to me for free to do my honest review 


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