Monday, May 7, 2012

Mothers Day Ideas

There is officially 6 days to mothers day ! 
Here are some of my ideas whether you have or have not gotten a gift from your mother. 

1.  A Card! You can always get your mom a card from your local paper store or you could make your own card and write poem. Here is what I have created to help you write a poem to your mom. 

First Name of Mom ( don't include last name) 
Four descriptive adjectives that describe her
Mom of ( name you and your siblings ) 
Lover of ...

Who feels...
Who finds happiness in...
Who needs...
Who gives...

Who fears...
Who would like to see...
Who enjoys...
Who likes to...

Believer in ...
Listener to...
Last name (of your mom)

( * Use figurative language and dont forget to frame the poem*) 

2. Flowers! Get her some cute assortments. Having flowers is always something mothers will love to have

3. Perfume- I know moms will love getting perfumes. I usually get my mom her favorite coach perfume but I know that moms will love getting some Victoria Secrets Pink collection. I know also if you can go to the DKNY facebook page, you can do a scent finder where you do a couple of questions like what describes you and there would be 4 pics and you would pick from that. At the end it tells you a couple of scent that describe you. I hate buying a scent that my mom doesn't like so this a perfect way of knowing. 

4. Bags: Now I dont mean like purses  I mean reusable bags. The bags I am getting my mom are super cute and affordable. Envirosax Mai Tai Series 

5.  Heart Necklace( Jewelry) Personally me-- I like to get my mom jewelry. So the jewelry that I know your moms would love is the Gold Plated Double Heart Charm Pendant  . Which is unbelievably $4.99 . Check out my review on it

6. Skin-care- I like to get my mom skincare products because she loves getting some of my top picks. For my mom I usually get her something from MyChelle,  Murad, Simple Skincare 
Review on MyChelle

7. Wrinkle Cream- Lately I have been checking out this Lashem Product and I have heard so many goods things about it. That's why I wanted to share it with you. Picture Perfect Wrinkle Eye Cream. I have never tried this out but I think my mom will like it. My review on Lashem

So that's my guide for mothers day! 
Hope this helped!

For mothers day dont get your mom a vacuum or a iron.


  1. Very good ideas!! Thanks you!! Its this Sunday,ill be prepared:)

  2. Followed you back! :) p.s. I love your blog!

  3. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff you post.
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